iPad 2 Review + How to get a Free iPad 2 for Yourself

Posted by – November 17, 2011

Apple iPad 2 was introduced by Apple as next-generation table with plenty of enhancements that make the gadget worth its high price. The important features of iPad 2 which make the device desirable for people of all age groups are:

  1. It’s thinner and lighter than the previous version
  2. It has FaceTime application for live video call and video chats.
  3. The battery life of iPad 2 is same as that of earlier version
  4. With respect to display there has not been any changes by Apple
  5. It has dual-core Cortex A4 processor from Apple for snappier performance than earlier version
  6. The graphics in iPad 2 is really cool
  7. The iPad 2 runs under iOS 4.3 operating system
  8. There is HDMI output with iPad 2 which lets you connect it with high definition television and watch videos or pictures from the device.
  9. There is HSUPA (High speed Uplink packet Access) feature in iPad 2 which is 3G technology that can allow uplink speeds in range of 5.76 Mbps.
  10. iPad 2 is all set to be released during March 25 in United Kingdom.

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Free iPad 2 review

iPad 2 cannot be considered as disappointment until you expect something entirely revolutionary and magical. There are some enhancements in the hardware and applications, but it retains most of the design and basic features as that of iPad. In spite of their stubborn nature to stay away from specifications game, the competitors of Apple will pull them inside the race of maintaining high level specifications implicitly. When you consider about the features and price, you should think about which one is affordable? Whether it’s Apple iPad 2 or Motorola Xoom? The competition between Apple iPad 2 and Motorola Xoom has become very intense, with both companies trying to make their product attractive with lot of enhancement in features.

One of the most popular issues with iPad is that it does not have back and front facing camera and with introduction of new cameras in iPad 2, this problem has been rectified. The newly introduced cameras are definitely worth the hype which it has received. The new feature from iPad 2 has become one of the most innovative apps that has altered the game of mobile communication and brought about much reality to forefront. The excellent power of user interface in Apple iOS 4.3 makes it more desirable than other tablets in the market. Also with the dual-core A5 processor based on Cortex A9 unit from ARM, the performance of iPad 2 is far better than its predecessor and its displays graphics in a spectacular way. The Graphics processing unit of iPad 2 is 9 times better than its predecessor and hence it gives a really pleasant experience to watch movies and pictures through it. Also, iPad 2 is thirty three percent thinner and fifteen percent lighter when compared to actual iPad and its thickness is only 8.8 millimeters. Overall iPad 2 has been improved a lot in terms of hardware and graphics than its predecessor and is preferred over other tablets available in the market in spite of its high price range.

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