Get Your Ipad 3 and New iPad

by ryan on January 30, 2017

get a free ipad

Get Your Ipad 3 and New iPad



It seems like, the new iPad is coming out very soon. As The Wall Street Journal just reported, that the iPad is being produced for a release in early 2016! The WJS confirms that display panels and chips has been already ordered from manufactures. So, this means that iPad in fact is true and it may be launched early next year.

As a free ipad, no doubt there will be a lot of free ipad offers too. Sources says that suppliers have shipped a few iPad components back to the Apple company. One of them is the Ipad display with 2048 x1536 9.7″.

One of the supplier reported that the Apple inc has ordered parts for more than one million iPad 3s in the fourth quarter alone. It seems that this time Apple is not going to repeat their mistake and delay the release , like it was with the iPad, when many who ordered ipad, waited for months to be released.

iPad release date is most likely to be March-April, 2017. Exactly one year after the iPad was released.

As you may already know the new iPhone 5 is on the way too, there is rumors flying around that the new iPhone will be ready and launched on October, 2011 (this holiday season), which gives plenty of time to be center of attention and most likely to become popular christmas gift.

iPad battery changes

ipad  batteryReports are coming that the new iPad 3 battery will feature a thinner and lighter batter (we have already heard that some where? thinner, lighter, faster…:)

Acording to Taiwan Econimic News two companies were selected by Apple for the battery manufactury: Simplo Technology Co and Dynapack International Technology Corp. These two suppliers are not stranger, they already manufacture the batteries for the MacBook and ipads.

There are also rumors going around that the battery excpected to cost 20-30% more then current one, so the question is – ow much will the iPadcost? An increase in display and battery cost will definetly raise up the price of the new iPad gadget.

iPad 3 will contain A6 processor

ipad a6 chipCurent rumors is that iPad possibly will use the A6 processor. It was reported many times already and it’s very likely that A6 will be included in the iPhone 6. But again, it’s just a rumors. We need to wait and see for our selves.

get a free ipad

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