iPad 2 Testers Wanted: How to Get a Free iPad 2 from Apple?

Posted by – March 11, 2011

At last, the iPad 2 has arrived from the Apple company, but most important -  you can still become a tester and  get one for free with only a few easy steps. Even tough The iPad 2 is now being released,  Apple is ALWAYS looking for a testers that are willing to test their newest device and let them know with bugs and or errors they may found. It’s because none of the products that are in stores are ideal. They all have minor bugs and erros, but the Apple is very serious about that and even after releasing their own product, they are still looking for a better expierience for their customers. There is where you and me (testers, freebie seekers) comes in. Becoming an Apple iPad 2 tester will not just let you to test the product, suggest new feautures and let them know your honnest opinion, but most of all – keep an iPad 2 for free!

How to Get a Free iPad 2 from Apple?

The revolutionary gadget claims for being thinner, faster, lighter. It also claims to gave a 10 hour battery that is a  more lasting versus previous version. Additionally, it can handle new smart covers which come in many unique cool colors you can choose from. The value starts at $499 that’s the same cost like the previous version of the iPad.

When they finally pick you up to be a iPad 2 tester, you’ll have a chance to get your hands on the incredible device with innovative design, 33 percent thinner , 15 percentage lighter, so it feels all the more comfortable in both hands.

If you have already been the first Ipad tester, you probably will not be disappointed in getting a new version 2 that had been released not long time ago. It still has features as the first one, but now with more desirable performance, lighter,  chance to take pictures, and many more.

To become a iPad 2 tester you just need to complete a few easy steps. Usually provide them your zip code, email address or filling a quick easy survey. And that’s it! Are you excited yet? For the most recent iPad 2 tester promo CLICK ON THE BANNER BELOW:

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