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Free iPad 2 Review

Posted by – July 17, 2011

Free iPad 2 Review

iPad 2 has been launched back in March, 2011 and still remains one of the favorite gadget of the moment. And as for our suprise iPad 2 is very similar and nearly identical to his first child iPad when it comes to software, but the hardware was improved. Free iPad 2 now has a brand new dual core A5 CPU, 9.7 inch and bigger screen – 1024×768 display. It became faster, lighter and thinner and pretty much all the changes are cosmetic. What the exact changes has been made since the first iPad – we will discuss about this below in our article.

Free iPad 2 Hardware

To understand how iPad 2 hardware improved and changed from the previous release it’s not a rocket science. Just look how unbelievably thin it became. The tablet is only 0.34 inches, almost half thinner then the original iPad. The device is also slightly shorter and less wide comparing to the initial iPad.It really looks and feels slick in the hands when you hold it. Steve Jobs also mentioned in his presentation that free iPad 2 is thinner than the iPhone 4. One thing that comes in mind when holding iPad 2 is that it’s not that light. iPad 2 weighting in at 1.33 pounds, but still feels amazing having it in your hands.

iPad 2 review

iPad 2 review

The device is now available in both – white and black color, featuring 3G antenna, volume buttons and mute. The gadget does have two cameras – front side camera and backside. As you may guessed front face is for FaceTime, chatting with your friends and family and the backside is for taking pictures and recording HD quality video. Apple are well known for being very serious about the design of their products. So, pictures don’t reflect the feel and look of the free iPad 2 in real world and as they say it’s better to feel one time then see or hear 1000x times.

Internals, display, audio of the free iPad 2

First and foremost what Steve Jobs mentioned in his anual iPad 2 presentation is of course the new 1Ghz dual core CPU chip – A5 (A4 was integrated in the first iPad). According to some of the high trusted sources – you can find now 512MB of RAM, which bringing up to iPhone 4 standards. Even though technologie experts still debating that the high standart product such iPad 2 should have a minimum of 1 GB of ram. Let’s leave this to iPad 3.

The screen may be look different but actually it’s identical to the previous version of iPad and have the same 1024×768 resolution and 9.7 inch IPS display. Some of the hardcore Apple customers missed a bump in resolution, let’s hope this will be fixed in the upcoming model.

ipad 2 picture

ipad 2 picture

Apple also relocated single speaker to the back of the device and now the sound comes cleaner and higher quality, but less quiter then in the older model. It works great when you are listening radio or any other music in the background, but sometimes you want a louder and clearer sound the moment when you work with Garage Band or simply watching movie.

When it comes to Performance and working quality, the new iPad 2 is without doubt leading against their younger brother iPad and Apple iPhone 4. When we first started to work with the new iPad it seemed noticably faster and quick running. Thanks to the our mentioned 1Ghz A5 CPU. What makes us to say wow – was the graphic quality and graphic performance of the tablet. It felt incredible when you lauch any game or application and the iPad 2 handles them very well. Even program like GarageBand runned smothly and fast.

iPad 2 Battery Life

For people that like to travel and take their tablet with them the iPad 2 will be the best choice regarding the Battery Life. Apple said they will be putting a lot of energy and effort to make the iPad 2 running longer and they succeeded. See the results below, comparing the iPad 2, iPad and other companies PC tablets:

  • Apple iPad 2
    Battery Life – 10:26
  • Apple iPad
    Battery Life – 9:33
  • Motorola Xoom
    Battery Life – 8:20
  • Dell Streak 7
    Battery Life – 3:26
  • Archos 101
    Battery Life – 7:20
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
    Battery Life – 6:09

As you can see, Free iPad 2 is no doubt one of the most lasting tablets on the market.

What about iPad 2 Cameras ?

After trying FaceTime on iPad 2 using front face camera the results were satisfying, the quality of the video calls were pretty great, way better then on an iPhone or OS X computer. iPad 2 video preview offer interesting, psychedelic graphic live-time filters, but it’s used more fon fun. Back side camera is great for taking picture or record video clips.

iPad 2 smart Covers

One totally new thing that Apple introduced with iPad 2 is Smart Covers. Usually used for screen protection and making for easy to hang out with. Smart Cover design is unique and has a set of smart magnets and flexible cover. It’s very easy to use and just seem the magnets know where to go by it’s own. When the Cover is closed – iPad 2 switching off automatically, when it’s open – the device turns on.

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