How to get a Free iPad 2 without completing offers?

Posted by – March 21, 2011

How to get a Free iPad 2 without completing offers? – this question was asked numerious of times, even our site receives a number of queries for this search term keyword. And this is fully understandable, because everyone want to get their hands on a 100% free gadget instead of filling out surveys or completing an offers. Bear in mind, though, these kind of free iPad 2 giveaways, where you are promised with a completely free iPad 2 happens very rarely, in fact, there are always some actions hidden behind them that you need to make for winning a free iPad 2 such as:

- spamming Twitter or Facebook with the link of the blog that giveaway are held
- wasting your time and effort on writing a long comment on these blogs
- designing some kind of logo or even writing an article or do other work

and at the end the chances of winning are close to 0.01% if the giveaway becomes very popular. In result: you wasted your precious time, did a free promotion for the blog, or simetimes even did a job, that you had be paid some serious cash for it.

Now let’s talk about the free iPad 2 that you can receive by completing offers (sometimes paid offers) and surveys.

What are the pros:

1. Your chances of getting an iPad 2 by filling surveys or completing offers are almost every time is 99%.
2. When iPad 2 came out, it was instantly out of stock, during the pre-ordering, so if you even considering buying one – there is a big chance you will have to find some time, as for filling the offers, you will get your free iPad 2 instantly, because they bought a bunch of them.
3. Keep in mind that by completing the paid offers – they are yours to keep. So, in a reality you are actually getting an iPad 2 for free. Let’s assume that you have completed some kind of ‘buy DVD’ offer, trial offer and some few others. So, for the money that you spend you will get DVDs, trial offer and few other that are required to complete and on top of that – completely free iPad 2 (because you have actually paid for it by completing advertisers paid offers).

What are the cons:

1. If you are 100% freebie seeker and want a gadget for 100% for free, you won’t be able to that, until you complete some paid offers.

NOTE: this is just our opinion, we don’t rush you or in any way incentivize you to participate in these programs, that’s completely up to you.

Summary: Are you still asking a question – How to get a Free iPad 2 without completing offers? As you can see there are more pros than cons and sometimes (especially now, when the gadget goes out of stock almost every minute it appears on the marketplace) it’s the best time to get your Free iPad 2 before everyone else!


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